While executing the cryptocurrency related transaction on Blockchain sometimes transaction are pending. User face such issues and wait till this transaction is confirmed and many times it takes too much time to complete the transaction and show the confirmation.

Unfirmed transaction means you can’t perform the cryptocurrency related transaction further through your Blockchain account. Hence, understanding and deal with such problems cautiously important to make sure you not face such situation again and enjoy the trouble-free transactions. So contact Blockchain Support.

Blockchain Transaction Pending

Common Situations When Such Transaction Pending:

  • At the time when you first time sending the cryptocurrency to the recipient, the system takes time to send you confirmation through mail. Here you just need to click on the link within 1 hour of the transaction done, other it will be expired and status will show you expired.
  • Sometimes Blockchain server system is running slow due to running multiple applications and transactions taking place at the same time, so it takes time to complete the transaction.
  • Some kind of unknown technical issues occurs that obstructs such transactions make it pending for long hours or may resulted an incomplete transaction.

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  • If you trying to complete the transaction with minor fees (a fees to complete the transaction on Blockchain), then exchange delay the confirmation of such transaction or not confirm.
  • When you double-spend the same coin, then one of the transaction will be never confirmed by the network.
  • When you trying to spend coins that appear as pending in your account, your transaction will not be generated until these coins are confirm by the exchange.
  • Sometimes cryptocurrency transaction pending on Blockchain due to spam or malware attack. These dusting attack attempted by the hackers. And these hackers try to collect the information of the cryptocurrency users with the motive to later attempt the phishing attacks.

Call Blockchain Support Number for Pending Transactions

Hope you will understand the problems that put the Blockchain transaction pending. If you check these points and avoid the situations stopping the transaction, you will not face such issues. However, you still face the same problem or your transactions on Blockchain is showing pending you can take help from experts. Just call at Blockchain support number and get online assistance to check the issues by the cryptocurrency experts and they will solve the problems with complete safety & privacy.


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