Blockchain interest account can give an opportunity to earn extra money from your Cryptocurrency wallet. Actually, if you have crypto holding into your account you can earn USD and enjoy extra benefits of earning money while trading with cryptocurrency like Bitcoin and other highly liquid crypto.

But before you enjoy such facility, you must have the Blockchain interest account. And to open the Blockchain interest account you need to fulfil the minimum requirements. And to know what are the requirements to have the cryptocurrency interest account with Blockchain wallet check below.

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Requirements for Blockchain Interest Account:

Condition 1: You must be Gold Level verified in your Wallet to have an Interest Account. If you’re not currently Gold Verified, click “Upgrade Now” on the Earn Interest page or head over to the Profile section of your Wallet (under Settings > Profile in the web wallet) to verify your identity.

Condition 2: There is a minimum deposit of $300 worth of Bitcoin to get started.

blockchain interest account

Condition 3: You must be verified in a supported country to be eligible. At this time, residents of Canada, Japan, and the states of New York and Washington (USA) are not eligible to earn interest in their Blockchain Wallets. Residents of other Unites States are eligible.

Condition 4: Bitcoin is currently the only cryptocurrency supported for earning interest in the Wallet. Therefore, you must have at least $300 worth of Bitcoin in your wallet to open an Interest Account. However, Blockchain is looking to support more cryptocurrencies in the future.

These are the minimum four requirements to have the Blockchain interest account. If you are eligible or ready to fulfil the requirements to open or apply for the interest account you can earn hefty amount of money from your cryptocurrency deposit into your Blockchain wallet without any trouble.

Call Blockchain Customer Support Number for Interest Account Issues

If manage to open the interest account with Blockchain it’s good, but if you are facing any kind of technical problem you can take help from the experts. Actually, there is helping number called Blockchain customer support number you can dial and get online assistance by the experts and resolve the issue instantly. The Blockchain experts will assist you on phone and help you with quick and assured resolution with complete safety and privacy of your personal identification and other confidential information.


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