Blockchain technology provides one the best transaction platform in the world with wallet facility to store your funds or transfer to anyone. And to view or your Blockchain wallet support for account you will get multiple sources making the fund usability or feasible for the end-users.

Similarly, xPub is the source a wallet uses to derive addresses that you use for receiving funds. When you connect your Lockbox to a Blockchain web wallet, you’ll still be able to view and monitor your Lockbox balances and transactions from your web or mobile wallet, even if your Lockbox has been disconnected from your Blockchain account.

What is Xpub in Blockchain?

Actually, xPub key is the master key that all of your addresses are made from. If you are making use of same address for every payment, the balance of that address will be visible to each new user who sends to that address. And this will expose the privacy and security of your account.

So, when you use an xPub key, a new address is generated for each new invoice and web store payment so each and every payment is a new address. This not only reserves your own privacy; it also ensures the privacy of the sender making both the identity safe and secured.

XPub Key Blockchain

How to Get xPub Key from Blockchain?

Getting the key xPub key from various Blockchain is not difficult and different for the various assets like Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. But few steps very common to get the xPub key from Blockchain. And to get the xPub key from Blockchain you can find the right steps given below.

Steps to Get xPub Key from Blockchain:

Step 1: First, you will need to go to your Bitcoin wallet.

Step 2: Now open the Asset Menu by clicking on the three dots in the upper right corner of your wallet.

Step 3: Now select the option to Export your xPub key.

Step 4: This will create a folder called “exodus-exports” on your Desktop containing a .txt file.

Step 5: Exploring within that file, you can find your xpub (and zpub if exporting Bitcoin) key.

If an Exodus support team member requested your xPub key, you can attach this .txt file to your email reply, or just copy and paste the key from the .txt file into your email body. And while finding the XPub key you face any kind of technical problem, there is solution you can get only with the experts.

Call Blockchain Customer Support Number

If are unable to get the xPub key on your Blockchain account the best option is call at Blockchain customer support number and get the assured solution at your desk. The Blockchain experts will help to get the xpub key Blockchain and can also solve the Blockchain related various other problems. This helpline number is also open to online help for cryptocurrency related any kind of technical issues.


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