It is quite interesting to listen about the Blockchain technology, as nowadays virtual currency trading is possible only because of this technology. But understanding this technology is also one of the most challenging task for everyone.

Blockchain is allowing to trade in bitcoin and other popular cryptocurrencies. And this technology is now also transforming the global business environment to carryout the one of the highly-secured and self-regulated system speedily. So, right here we will learn about Blockchain and how it is maximizing the customer experience.

What is Blockchain?

Blockchain is created by Satoshi Nakamoto. And in 2008, Satoshi jump started the development of blockchain. ‘Satoshi Nakamoto’ is a pseudonym – no one knows who Nakamoto is. In 2008, Nakamoto sent out a publication in a cryptography mailing list outlining both the concepts of blockchain technology and the most popular application of blockchain – cryptographic digital currency, or ‘cryptocurrency’ for short (most people know of one variation: Bitcoin).

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Since then, the concepts have ballooned into various forms of currency, programs, and technology, with many applications yet to come. Instead of keeping all data centralised on one or a couple of company-owned servers, it distributes the data across the entire network of computers on the system (each known as a ‘node’) such that there is massive redundancy and lack of point vulnerability. When a change is made, it’s transmitted to the whole network, and the overall network is updated with the change.

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High-power consuming Technology

Though, attacking data on blockchain is hard to attack, as given that the data is distributed across all the computers on the network, you would need to have the processing power of all of the computers on the network (which can range from thousands to millions to billions of devices) in order to make an unauthorised change – no single-entry point can be used to access all the data like with the centralised model.

How Blockchain Works – Implications and Uses

Blockchain number and technology works with the great safety measures. The first sector that it has made an impact is the finance world. Banks have already announced huge partnerships with tech companies to create distributed ledgers, smart contracts, and redundant banking applications so that people feel safer about their money.

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Additionally, blockchain is showing promise in many spaces – audit, Internet of Things (IoT), insurance, tax automation, digital voting, and medical reporting to name a few potential applications. Not only can blockchain make complex processes more automated, it can reduce operating costs and streamline business processes drastically as well helping companies and organizations to operate with better efficiency.

How Blockchain Affecting The Customer Experience?

The applications of Blockchain is unlimited in near future and many of which we have not even been identified yet. Predicting blockchain’s future would be like attempting to speculate how revolutionary smartphone technology would be on the day of the first iPhone’s release.

Despite the uncertainty, there are immense projects underway that incorporate this technology into existing and new company IT infrastructure and others being defined to allow blockchain into the world of business applications – and namely, customer experience (CX).

One of blockchain’s key features is its ability to create business transparency. Since it depends on visibility of transferred data, this feature can be leveraged to foster trust among consumers (for example, a company-owned portal that shows all blockchain activity associated with a customer, which the customer can view any time in order to see how their business relations stand). This can create increased brand loyalty, and better CX overall thanks to this increase in trust.

How to Deal with Blockchain Related Problems?

Customer trading on cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and other popular currencies through this technology also face various types of technical problems. And to resolve such problems you need a personalize assistance by the experts. Blockchain customer care service is available right here to assist and solve the issues online.


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