To use the wallet or enjoy the buying or selling cryptocurrency you must have an account with Blockchain verified with your id and personal information. As by verifying your identity, you’re prove yourself with Blockchain without a doubt, that what you are.

Actually, in other words, ID verification is an effective way to prevent fraud and make sure no one, except you, can use your payment information to make exchanges. Hence we brought we’ll share tips about submitting your personal information to minimize your chance of delays or rejection and avoid error verifying id Blockchain and enjoy the trouble-free trading in cryptocurrency.

Tips for Id Verification Blockchain

Tips for Blockchain Wallet Id Verification:

Tip 1: Always submit your personal information through the Wallet’s identity verification process, don’t use email or support requests.

Tip 2: Your phone number can be used for exchange verification in one Wallet only. Hence verification attempts made with the same phone number in a second Wallet will not be approved.

Tip 3: Always enter your first name exactly as it appears on your ID.

Tip 4: Make sure Enter your last name exactly as it appears on your ID.

Tip 5: Check properly before entering your correct date of birth in the proper format.

Tip 6: While entering your address always make sure it is correct.

Tip 7: And if your current address is the same as the address on your ID, be sure to enter it exactly as it appears on your ID.

If keep in mind these things discussed above while id verification Blockchain your account will be successfully verified. If you do any mistake or not follow the right process to verify your account the verification process will be failed and you have to follow the entire process again. And if you will make attempts, you will be restricted to not apply for the id verification of your account.

Call Blockchain Customer Support Number for Id Verification Issue

If you don’t know how to verify Blockchain account or failed to verify your account you can take help of experts who will assist you online and verify your Blockchain account. However, if you face any kind of other technical problem or error in id verification you can call at Blockchain support number and get online assistance to resolve such issues. The Blockchain expert knows where could be the problem and help you to verify your account while ensuring your safety and privacy.


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