In this fast-moving world the speed of life is increasing day by day. Nobody has time to waste in silly things. One thing which differentiates successful people from common people is choosing smart work over hard work. They smartly work hard to get success. In this continuous changing world earning money is a very smart work and for earning good money in a very less time it is very important to invest smartly.

Today cryptocurrency has become a new and smart mode of investing. It is a very huge market today. It is growing rapidly and becoming the first choice of investors. Today it is a million dollar industry and many financial experts have projected its market to reach 1.4 billion USD by 2024. Not only the continuous growth attracting many investors but also the security of money. Cryptocurrency is highly secured with cryptography and 2FA security. It is very important to understand the security of cryptocurrency. If you have any question about the security of cryptocurrency you can contact to blockchain customer care.

2FA- two factor authentication

Cryptocurrencies use two factor authentications for their security. In simple words it provides two locks for your account. 2FA is the combination of two locks for your account, maintaining an extra layer of security. It is in the combination of two among these three: User Password, User own Device (Phone), Biometrics (Thumb Impression or finger prints).

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Turn On 2FA for Blockchain

The two main factors to log in blockchain is a password and authentication. You can get the authentication code from your google authenticator.

How to turn on 2FA for blockchain?

  • Blockchain support’s various methods of 2FA. Here we wil talk about the SMS.
  • Log in to the my wallet account.
  • Click on the security section of your blockchain wallet.
  • The blockchain security panel is divided in two parts. You will find 2FA at the second level.
  • Here you need to choose Google authenticator.
  • Choose SMS from the 2FA select box.
  • You will get an authentication code by SMS.
  • If you are getting any problem to log in you can contact to blockchain customer service.

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2FA is easy to log in and highly secure. Just few clicks and you will get your authentication SMS in your mobile. So don’t wait to invest smart. You are few clicks away to getting rich. Be a part of this continuously growing world of cryptocurrencies. If you have any question about cryptocurrencies you can contact to blockchain customer care.


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