was founded in 2011 and released a Bitcoins wallet in Jan 2012. There are about 21 million accounts, it is claimed that bitcoins are number 1 Wallet for cryptocurrency.

Blockchain wallet is also known as “Hybrid wallet”, that company stores an encrypted version of wallets private key on their servers, but this version doesn’t store the password in it.

Benefits of having a crypto wallet:

  • Convenient to access your wallet from anywhere.
  • has your wallet.
  • Secured wallet and password security.

As your password is not stored on the company side, once you have lost your 12-word wallet recovery phase  “”  make a backup of your wallet password and not write it, the password can’t be reset or recovered at company’s end.

If you lose says that in any case you have lost the password or forgotten it or you don’t have the access to your wallet, we can’t help you in this.

But the issue can be resolved by following the given below steps:

For recovery or resetting your blockchain password here is the solution Blockchain customer care can help to recover password, This can help you to recover your password yourself.

Lost the password, to recover the password follow these steps:

1: Find your wallet ID information

  • To find your wallet ID redirect to email connected to it. To send the notification. Write all the email account linked to wallet account
  • Perform the search on each email account with a message “ Welcome to my wallet:” if you find, the message will contain your wallet ID
  • If this does not work to recover your password switch to the following steps.
    • Step 1: Redirect to this link  from your browser
    • Step 2: Most possibly your wallet ID will be shown on wallet id field of login.
    • Step 3: Click on the view option on the lower right corner of the login form.
    • Step 4: Look for the option I have lost my wallet ID
    • Step 5: Email me with the reminder email address given.
    • Step 6: “Remind me” next to that option
    • Step 7:  Enter the email that you used to create the wallet ID, Fill the captcha and submit the form.
    • Step 8: If you are successful in finding the email address linked to your wallet. will email the information of the wallet id on your email in a few minutes.
  • Once your Wallet ID is found now you can make the guesses to recover your password

2: collect and test the best guesses to what your password is

The password components (tokens) that are used to create the password are:

Blockchain Password Requirements:

  • Password should be of 10 characters’ long
  • Strings, where the same type of letters are repeated, is not allowed like (“1234567890” or “qwertyuiop” not allowed).
  • How to create a password

Here are some of the patterns that are created are:

  • You often use the same things for your passwords
  • You use related numbers digits similar to your thinking
  • Use of the familiar special characters like (#%&*or any )

Browser (google, chrome bing, firefox) Password manager for a password like Write down passwords

  • See some common patterns you considered to make a password
  • Tokens, character, places or any you remember you used.

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Create a Testing Plan

  • Once you have identified the keywords for your password research, it is time to create a test plan for proceeding to create a password.
  • Create a long list of passwords, that you will try to loin in the account one after the other.
  • Microsoft Excel sheet can allow using the password, where you can copy the passwords and paste them in another row after trial.
  • Create a sheet that consists of passwords of all your accounts.
  • Now it is time to switch to a secure password manager called LastPass from browser password manager.
  • Change all the passwords now do it attentively
  • Delete the file so created of passwords in a week, set it as a reminder
  • Save the spreadsheet on the desktop to ensure a record of the password
  • Delete the spreadsheet from once you have done from the browser

Content for the spreadsheet

  • Create 2 columns in a spreadsheet
  • One is for guesses and one is status
  • Copy and paste passwords from the other services in a spreadsheet
  • Login into the page of login “”
  • Fill the Wallet ID field,
  • Copy and paste the first guess of the password in the password field.
  • Click on Login Button
  • If the first try doesn’t work, enter “checked “in status and move on the second password like Rinse and Repeat.

Recover Lost Blockchain wallet Password

Creating Permutation combinations of your password tokens

  • Creating the combinations of the token that can reasonably be correct
  • Called it as Brute force of decrypting a password, the strategy used to take the set of tokens that can be the part of passwords and can create permutations of those tokens
  • Test them unless you find the right password to unlock your cryptocurrency
  • If you are doing it manually

Things to keep in mind 

  • If you use the same number repeatedly while selecting your password
  • These are good tokens and add to passwords that don’t have them
  • Recommend the type of patterns you choose for selecting a kind of password
  • Create different batches for about 25 passwords of patterns, created the batch test them
  • Find new password test, create the batch of passwords ad then again test them
  • If you find the passwords from your efforts, then Congratulations

Create a recovery account

  • Now you need to create a 12-word recovery phrase “”  for your blockchain account write it, save it.
  • Delete the spreadsheet so created with all the password guesses.
  • The process of brute-forcing takes your password guesses to verify it. The attempts can be up to millions to recover your wallet passwords.

How it Works:

Step 1: Introduce yourself by an email or using the contact form Blockchain Support.

Step 2: We will send you a copy of our contract, Thoroughly read it.

Step 3:  We will ask for the wallet ID and spreadsheet of your password guesses.

Step 4: We will now brute force your passwords by comparing, large batches of guesses against your wallet ID.

Step 5: Charges will be a 20% fee for the wallets that contain 10 Bitcoins and scale will be sliding for the balance above 10 Bitcoins.

Step 6: You only have to pay the amount if we recover your wallet password. We often recover the passwords in a few hours.

Blockchian wallet users can now get one-stop online solution here at one-call at Blockchain customer support number. This online help service is open right here to assist Cryptocurrency wallet users facing the problem while using Blockchain wallet account. Blockchain wallet users facing the problem with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies can get one-stop online solution as per the customize needs and their availability.


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