If you have an account with Blockchain and you are regularly trading in the cryptocurrencies you also need to verify your account with Blockchain by uploading the Id documents online. When you upload these documents, Blockchain verifies and authenticate your id to validate your account.

However, while uploading your documents, it’s important to ensure that they are visible and valid. If you’re experiencing any issues with this, you can call Blockchain toll free number or follow the instructions listed right below here to know how to successfully upload documents to Blockchain without facing any issue.

Checklist to Upload Documents to Blockchain:

  • Make sure it is currently valid.
  • Check properly it is not damaged.
  • Appears well lit and does not have any glare.
  • The Document is in focus and fully visible.
  • The Document is from your country of residence.
  • Is issued by the official authority of your country.
  • Is truly yours and the photo on it corresponds to your facial check photo or video.

While uploading the document on Blockchain, if you follow the above listed document and properly check them before updating then I’m sure you will never face any problem. If you successfully managed to upload the documents on Blockchain, then it ok, but you face a problem and not able to upload you can find the troubleshooting process to fix document uploading related issues on Blockchain.

Upload Documents to Blockchain

Steps to Troubleshoot Document Upload Problem on Blockchain:

Step 1: Always captured the entire document in the photo and that you didn’t cut off the corners or sides.

Step 2: Always take a photo of the original document.

Step 3: Photos of document copies or scans will not be approved.

Step 4: Use the Chrome browser for the most reliable performance.

Step 5: The app and phone you’re using to take the photo doesn’t add any logos or marks to the ID.

Step 6: And never obscure the information on the ID.

Step 7: Always use as plain a background as possible.

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These troubleshooting steps are enough to solve your document uploading problem on Blockchain. Verifying your id with documents on Blockchain is a critical process, as there is no physical veridical, and if you do any mistake or Blockchain document verification officials found anything suspicious they will reject your id and block your Blockchain account till next verification.

Call Blockchain Customer Support Number for Id Document Upload Issue

However, during the Blockchain document verification process, if you face any kind of technical problem you can also take help from experts. As there is toll-free helpline number is always available to assist you to solve Blockchain related issues. Just dial Blockchain contact support number and you will get immediate and assured assistance on your phone. The Blockchain expert will troubleshoot the document uploading related issues while ensuring your identity and other personal information. These Blockchain experts can also help you in solving the cryptocurrency and Blockchain related various other issues.


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