Binance and Coinbase are the two leading crypto exchanges in the world providing a platform to buy and sell Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies with complete safety and precautions. On Coinbase you can trade Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Ripple, and Litecoin offering a greater variety of trading pairs.

Do you know if you are holding your Bitcoin at Coinbase account, you can transfer that to Binance? Yes it is possible and you can easily transfer your Bitcoin from Coinbase to Binance without any problem. But make sure for that you must have the account at both the exchanges and just follow the steps below.

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Steps to Send BTC from Coinbase Pro To Binance:

Step 1: First of all if you don’t have an account, fill the application form and open an account with your government issued ID-card.

Step 2: After uploading the document, wait for your application verification and your account will be activated.

Step 3: Now you will be asked to choose a deposit method for your account with options of either choose a bank transfer or use a credit or debit card.

Step 4: Just like other exchanges Coinbase also offers digital wallet where users can store their cryptocurrencies.

Step 5: Initially you’ll select your target currency and the platform will assign you a wallet that matches the coin.

Step 6: Now here you have your money that you can buy your first cryptocurrencies.

Step 7: Now you have to move to second platform, Binance, where you also have to create the account and get it verified.

Transfer Bitcoin From Coinbase To Binance

Note: Though, Binance offers a Limited Account where you can trade without verifying your identity. But, we don’t recommend this option because it restricts your trading activity and limits your withdrawals to 2 BTC per day, hence we advise you to create a regular account.

Step 8: Now you can go to the “Deposit” tab, and select the cryptocurrencies you want to transfer from Coinbase.

Step 9: Here binance will generate an encrypted wallet address, just copy the address and head over to Coinbase.

Step 10: Now once you log into your Coinbase account, click on the “Accounts” tab, and then select the cryptocurrencies you want to transfer.

Step 11: Now just Click on the “Send” button and wait for Coinbase to ask you for the “Recipient Address”.

Step 12: Paste here the wallet address you copied from Binance. Finally, click “Continue” to send the request forward.

How To Transfer From Binance To Coinbase?

Just like moving Bitcoin from Coinbase to Binance you can reverse this process and transfer your Bitcoin from Binance to Coinbase. Let me tell you one, thing transferring the Bitcoin from one crypto exchange to another exchange is not free, you have to pay certain amount of fees while transferring the same.

The reverse process is quite straightforward, but you just need to make sure you’re sending currencies that Coinbase supports. Just login into your Coinbase account, click on Bitcoin, and find the “Receive” option. Now copy this address and paste it on Binance under “Funds” > “Withdraw Bitcoins” and wait for the confirmation or complete this transaction.

Call Bitcoin Support Number for Online Help

These steps are helpful in transferring the Bitcoin from Coinbase to Binance and vice-versa. But sometimes users not able to complete this process and face the technical problems while transferring the Bitcoin or any other currency from Coinbase to Binance or any other exchange.

Here you can take help from experts by calling at Bitcoin customer service number. This helpline is open all the time to help you remotely and solve your crypto related technical issues online. Here you can get Binance and Coinbase related various other problems with complete safety.


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