Anyone on this earth wants to invest in cryptocurrency, they need a crypto exchange platform. There are many crypto exchange platforms available but one need to find the best exchange platform according to oneself. Trading cryptocurrency can be stressful hence it is very important to find an exchange on which you can trust. It is also very important to find an exchange which meets all your needs and which is not too complicated to use. It is better to find an exchange platform which you can use instead of choosing an exchange platform which you cannot use. You can take help from cryptocurrency customer care for finding a better exchange platform.

In this article I will talk about the one of the leading exchange platform of industry binance. If you are beginner and you have opened your account in binance, I will tell you how to trade on binance. If you have not opened your account or you are facing trouble in opening binance account then you must contact to binance customer care for any help.

Trading on Binance:

There are two trading setting in binance i.e. Basic and Advanced. If you are beginner then you should start by trading in Basic. The basic trade setting has a very simple layout which is very easy to understand. Only important information has been displayed here. Also you need to understand that binance is a professional trading platform so it might look a bit complicated to the beginners but it would not take long to understand it. So, let’s understand binance basic trades meanwhile if you face any problem you should contact to Binance customer care.

Trade On Binance

Steps for Trading on Binance

Step 1: Login to your binance account using your credentials.

Step 2: Click on Exchange on the taskbar.

Step 3: After that select Basic.

Step 4: Then choose a trading pair.

Now you will see hundreds of trading pair. These are the various pairs of coins that binance offers to exchange. You can trade bitcoin with 143 different coins which means binance has 143 trading pairs for bitcoin. If your account is funded by bitcoin then you can choose different trading pairs, if your account is funded by any other coin then you can trade in different pairs. All you need to do is to select the coin you have in your account. Then you need to select the coin in which you want to exchange for your coin.

Step 5: Choose which type of trade you want.

Binance offers three kinds of trades which are Limit orders, Market orders and Stop-limit orders. In these three Market orders is widely used because it offers trade on the price of market. This is fastest and simple trade among all three.

Step 6: Choose the amount you want to trade.

Step 7: Click on Buy button.

Now you are a binance crypto trader, now you know how to trade in binance. If you have any confusion in trading then you must contact to binance customer care. Now stop waiting and start trading.


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