Binance is a cryptocurrency exchange provides you complete platform to trade with complete security and precautions. And to get access of your Binance account you need to login with valid and active password which you have set while creating the account on Binance. And to validate the mail id, you need to authenticate the email account at the time of creating the account.

Actually, password is very important if your password in known by anyone else or you forgot the password. And there is specific process you can follow to reset binance password. However, if you want to reset your password, you must have access to your email ID verified with your Binance account. And to know how to reset binance password read the instructions given below.

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binance password reset

Steps for Binance Password Reset:

Step 1: Browse and login into your Binance account.

Step 2: Now here you have to enter your Email ID.

Step 3: Just enter here the registered email ID in your account.

Step 4: Now entering a link will be sent on your email.

Step 5: Now click on the link to reset your password.

Step 6: When you rest the password you can use new password to login.

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Resetting the password not necessarily do when you lost the password or someone got to know, even you can reset anytime as per your feasibility to keep your account safe from any kind of unauthorized transaction. However, while resetting the password, you can face various types of technical problems not allowing you to complete the password resetting action.

Call Binance Customer Support Number to for Password Related Issues

However, if you really face any kind of problem while resetting the password you need to take help from experts who will help you reset the Binance successfully. Many times binance password error arise due to authentication or other reasons. So, call at Binance customer care number and you will get instant online solution for such issues. Calling at online helpline number you will get in touch with this on highly-skilled IT technicians to solve the cryptocurrency related various issues with complete safety and privacy.


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