Blockchain no doubt provides an additional layer of security to your wallet account to make sure you can play safe or execute the cryptocurrency transactions safely. Blockchain allows two-factor-authentication to secure your wallet while accessing or doing the transactions. You can enable two factor authentication blockchain with Google app to secure your account with facility to disable this function anytime using your login details to access your Blockchain wallet account.

However, if you have enabled the 2FA authentication in your Blockchain account and now what to disable or remove the same, you have to follow the certain instructions discussed below. Actually, disabling the authentication process help you to access your Blockchain account quickly. To know how to remove 2fa on Blockchain you can follow the instructions given below.

Steps to Disable 2FA on Blockchain:

Step 1: Start with login into your Blockchain account.

Step 2: Now you have to navigate at set option in this account.

Step 3: And here you have to Switch 2FA ”off’.

Step 4: Here enter the 2fa token for verification.

Step 5: Now click here on “Disable 2fa” button.

Step 6: And you have to logout from your account safely.

Step 7: Now login again into Blockchain account without 2fa.

Step 8: This time while login you will be not asked for 2fa.

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These steps will help you to disable the 2FA authentication from your Blockchain wallet account. And as soon as you disable the 2fa authentication for login into Blockchain account, you will be not requested for 2FA while accessing into your account and easily login into your account. Means there is some problem or 2fa authentication is not disabling into your Blockchain wallet account.

Call Blockchain Customer Support Number

However, despite disabling the 2fa in your Blockchain account, if you are asked to authenticate your identity the access into wallet you need to take help. And for quick solution you can call at Blockchain customer care number and get online assistance to disable the 2fa authentication or solve other issues. And while disabling, if you face any kind of technical problem, you can take help from such technicians to resolve the Blockchain wallet related all types of technical problems.


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