The advance Bitcoin users have the option of importing the Bitcoin addresses that were generated anywhere else into their Blockchain wallet. If you don’t know how to import or manage the Bitcoin address on Blockchain you can find out the right instructions given in the next para.

You can find the section for adding and managing imported addresses under the list of categories in Settings > Wallets & Addresses in the web wallet. While in the mobile application, you have to press the three horizontal lines in the upper left corner to open the menu and select Addresses. But to use this feature it is highly recommended to have understanding of Bitcoin address generation and private keys. If you want more info contact Bitcoin support number.

Steps to Import Existing Bitcoin Address Blockchain:

Step 1: To import a Bitcoin address from a third party platform, click on + Import Bitcoin Address and select Existing address generated outside this wallet.

Step 2: Now enter the private key of the Bitcoin address you want to import.

Step 3: Here just, add a label for the address (optional) and select an existing sub-wallet to transfer the funds to, or leave this blank if you want the funds to remain in Imported Addresses.

Step 4: Now click Import to complete the process.

These are the steps for Blockchain wallet import address on desktop but in the mobile app you have to press the three horizontal lines in the upper left corner to open the menu and select Addresses. Just tap the + to the right of Imported Addresses and then scan the private key’s QR code. Next, assign the address a name and press Save Name, or press No Thanks if you do not wish to give the address a name.

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How to Manage Imported Bitcoin Addresses Blockchain?

While on the other hand to import a Bitcoin cash address, you must import its corresponding Bitcoin address first. For any Bitcoin address you import, the corresponding Bitcoin cash address will also be imported. And you can view the imported Bitcoin cash address by going to the Bitcoin Cash tab.

For you kind information imported addresses are not backed up by the recovery phrase. From the security reasons and ease of use, it is recommend to transfer any balances stored on imported addresses to your default wallet. You can also choose to transfer your funds to an existing wallet during the import process explained above, or by clicking on Transfer All.

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If an imported address has no label, it means you can spend it. Means you’ve imported the address’ private key and you can send or transfer the funds on that address. While on the other hand, showing the label Non-Spendable means you’ve imported that address without its private key. In order to spend from Non-Spendable addresses, you need to make sure you have the private key.

As the name suggested imported addresses are generated elsewhere using an entirely different wallet or platform like other software wallets, paper wallets, hardware wallets, or other independent Bitcoin address generation software used to generate the imported address.

This is reason why your Blockchain wallet will have no way of knowing or finding the private key of a Non-Spendable address. As your wallet don’t know the address’ private key and considers the funds to be unusable, any balance present on a Non-Spendable imported address will not be included in the total wallet balance of your Bitcoin on Blockchain.

Call Blockchain Customer Support Number for Bitcoin Issues

If you face any problem while importing or managing the Bitcoin address on Blockchain you should take help from the experts who will assist you in managing the imported Bitcoin addresses Blockchain. These tech experts will also help you in solving the Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies related on Blockchain on Binance or any other crypto trading platform exchanges.

These techies will always ensure your privacy and make sure the safety your Blockchain account and system you are using to trade in cryptocurrencies. Just dial the Blockchain Customer Service Number and get quick online assistance as per your customize needs and availability with complete safety.


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