Virtual wallets are one of the safe place to hold your digital currencies and other assets. Cryptocurrencies are one the most popular digital asset you use to keep into such wallets. Metamask, Coinbase and Trust Wallet are the leading wallets where you can store Bitcoin, Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies with the facility the send the same any other wallet.

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Using the wallet is not big deal but when an issue comes it could be beiger problem for you, especially if you have stored your valuable cryptocurrency like Bitcoin or Ethereum. Yes, sometimes such issues arrive like your Ethereum is not showing in any kind of wallet. Here you have to go through a simple troubleshooting process to resolve such issues with assured solution.

Ethereum Not Showing

Process to Solve Ethereum Not Showing up in Wallet issue:

Step 1: First of all you need to, go to the Ethereum Blockchain explorer

Step 2: Now you have to copy your Ethereum wallet address and paste it into the search bar in the top right corner.

Step 3: Here you will see the page that shows the wallet balance and most transactions that have come and gone from your Ethereum wallet.

Step 4: Now you will notice that the transaction you are looking for will not be displayed here.

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Step 5: The displayed transactions are those sent and received from single-signature wallets.

Step 6: To view transactions made from multi-sig wallets click on “internal transactions”, as indicated by the black arrow in the screenshot below.

Step 7: Finally to view the transaction in full, click on the “parentTXHash” found in the bottom left corner.

Step 8: Here u will see all information regarding the transaction, including block height, confirmations, timestamp, GAS used and transaction ID.

Call Ethereum Customer Support Number for Wallet Issues

These simple steps will help you resolve the Ethereum not showing up in wallet. However if you still face the problem you need to take the help from experts who can easily find the solution. You can dial the Ethereum support phone number and get the instant help from experts. These Blockchain experts will assist you remotely in solving the wallet related issues remotely. Moreover, these experts can also help you in solving the cryptocurrency related various issues with assured and quick solution.


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