Transacting on Binance you face unexpected errors, Binance API Error 400 is one of the most “popular” error messages since new version with Gunbot v7 was launched. And after is upgrade not only you but many people are facing this error on their Binance platform.

To avoid this error come again and again you need to fix the issue. Actually, if you not fix this error you can face major problems and maybe you not able to complete your transactions or perform other tasks. So, right here call Binance phone number or we brought the best solution to fix the Binance error code 400 and solve the actual problem causing the error and enjoy the trouble-free transactions on Binance.


Steps to Fix Binance Error Code 400:

Step 1: Before initiating any transaction make sure you have funds in your base coin. If there insiffecient fund you can add into your Binance account.

Step 2: If you put BTC_ETH instead of BTC-ETH, you get error 400. If you put btc-eth, what do you think you get, So make sure pairs are correctly added.

Step 3: Here you also need to make sure that in some cases your base config.js file includes this:

Step 4: At the next step also make sure your API keys are correctly added / configured, that is, be sure you have added your key as both master and non master per exchange.

Step 5: Also Check your API permission settings, as always, you need to enable all permissions except withdrawal.

Step 6: Also make sure your firewall is not blocking ports 3000, 5000 or 5001.

Step 7: Here if you reach to this point and you are still getting this error, try this fix.

If you still notice Binance Error response code 400 after all these steps, try this: do a fresh install. The simplest install possible, that is, add only one pair: BTC-ETH, just put the basic things, API key, secret etc… and start the bot. Sometimes we add a lot of pairs and we do a lot of changes, then it’s very hard to find the root problem. In these cases, it’s better to do the simplest config possible and then start adding things slowly, so it will be easy to locate the problem and find the right solution.

Call Binance Customer Support Number to the Binance Related Errors

However if the error still persists the oldest and most popular fix: Restart your computer and try again. I’m not kidding, in some cases it can fix it. And if everything else still fails, maybe your API key is broken, change it for a new one and try with the new API key to remove this error. And if you need a help you can call at Binance Support Number to get the online assistance by the experts. These crypto experts will assist you in solving the Binance and cryptocurrency related various other issues safely.


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