If you have account Blockchain you can definitely enjoy trading into cryptocurrencies. Actually Blockchain is the technology used for cryptocurrency trading. But it is not necessary to have an account on Blockchain to buy or sell crypto, you can have account on various exchanges like Binance etc.

If you don’t want to continue to have an account Blockchain or became fed-up and don’t want to use this platform anymore you can close of delete your Blockchain account any time. And call Blockchain support number to fix the reason to close this account could be anything from online fraud or you are going for long vacation or you does not want to be online again you can find the steps given below.

Delete Blockchain Account

Steps to Delete Blockchain Account:

Step 1: First of browse on the Blockchain website.

Step 2: Meanwhile open your email account that is registered with the application.

Step 3: Now compose an email and enter the email address privacy@blockchain.com

Step 4: In Subject Line Type “REQUEST TO CLOSE MY ACCOUNT”.

Step 5: Now write an email regarding canceling your account.

Step 6: Make sure write your honest reason regarding deleting your account.

These are the simple steps to delete your Blockchain account. If you don’t follow the steps and right format to send your mail closing your Blockchain account, it will be closed by them permanently. And meanwhile if you face any kind of problem or not able to close your account you get help of experts.

Call Blockchain Customer Support Number

If you face any kind of problem while removing your Blockchain account you can call at Blockchain customer service number. This helpline number is already ready to assist Blockchain users to solve their problems. Just share your details with these experts and they will help you instantly. This online helpline number is also open to solve Blockchain related various issues online.


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