While trading on Blockchain, most of the times, cryptocurrency transactions are confirmed normally, without any problem. However, sometimes, due to unfavorable circumstances, the transactions rejected and not get completed. So, what will you do when Blockchain transaction rejected. If you want to Contact Blockchain customer care.

Why Blockchain Transaction Rejected?

Actually, when you trade on Blockchain, means either buy or sell cryptocurrency you need to pay certain amount of fees to the miners who are responsible for the confirmation of transaction on Blockchain network. If transaction fees is not competitive, either your transaction will be delayed or rejected.

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A higher fee will help increase your transaction priority, so it is likely to confirm more quickly. In contrast, a lower fee means it may take longer. If the fee you include is too low, there is a possibility miners will not consider it worthwhile to validate. When this happens, miners will reject the transaction.

Reasons Blockchain Rejected Transactions

If transaction is too low, it is the main reason behind the transaction get rejected. If you set transaction fees too low, during periods of network congestion, it can increase the likelihood it will not successfully send. As, Blockchain network is designed in the same way, and it is not in the hands of anyone to prevent a pending transaction from being rejected. It is fully dependent on the miners.

How to solve if Blockchain Transaction is rejected?

Usually, just like confirmed transactions, rejected transactions not appear on the Blockchain. If transaction is rejected, or do not appear on the Blockchain, it’s as if it never occurred in the first place. In fact, the sender will see those funds instantly re-appear at the address they attempted to send from.

Blockchain Transaction Rejected

Hence, before you attempt the transaction again, make sure your fee is sufficient enough to make this transaction successful. So, right here the best way to do this in the Blockchain.com wallet is to choose a regular fee. Actually, our wallet automatically calculates the most appropriate fee for you based on current network conditions and aspects of your transaction.

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And for urgent transactions, if you set a priority fee before executing the transaction, it will help make sure your transaction confirms more quickly. Unless you’re an advanced user, avoid setting a custom fee. If the custom fee is too low, your transaction may reject a second time. And you need to wait long time to put next transaction with higher fees to make it successfully confirmed.

Call Blockchain Customer Support Number

Setting the transaction fees at higher end is one of the best solution to avoid Blockchain transaction rejected. However, apart from lower fees, if your transaction is getting failed, you need to check the issues with the help of cryptocurrency experts. Hence, to get online assistance of such experts you can call at Blockchain customer care number. Calling at this online helpline number will connect you with experts who will help you in solving Blockchain related various issues with complete safety and privacy.


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