Bitcoin wallet became the most important virtual account to hold your cryptocurrency in a highly secured manner. And you can use this wallet to send, receive and transfer the payments from your account to other’s wallet account. To use this wallet account you need a unique address that becomes the only ways while sending the wallet from one account to another account.

You can also change this wallet address in various situations like showing the problem and likely to not get solved without changing the address. Changing the Bitcoin wallet address is an easier process but if you are new player in this crypt world, you need assistance or guidance to change the wallet address.

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Steps to Change Bitcoin Wallet Address:

Step 1: First of all you have to log in to your Bitcoin account.

Step 2: And to login go to wallet login page and fulfill all the credentials.

Step 3: Now after logging in to your account, from there tap on the receive tab.

Step 4: Here you will see address options just click on the ‘get a new address.’

Step 5: After this, you will receive a new BTC wallet address for your future transactions and payments.

These are the simple steps to change wallet address. And any address you generate using your Bitcoin account will be linked with your wallet, and you can use it anytime in the future. However, you can also make as many wallet addresses as you like but each address will have a corresponding QR code, and you can check details of this address by clicking on the ‘detail’ tab next to the QR code.

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Further to inform you about wallet address change related other information. Let me tell you that all wallet addresses start with digits from 1 to 3 may confuse you as new wallets have been introduced containing the short addresses called “cash addresses.” These BTC addresses begin with the letters “q” or “p.” Thus this cash address is considered more safe and secure for different transactions.

Call Bitcoin Support Number for Wallet Issues

Once you successfully change the wallet address you can enjoy the unlimited transfer of cryptocurrencies using this account. But sometimes few users face the technical problem or not able to change the Bitcoin wallet address you need help of experts. And to get the help from such experts you have to call on Bitcoin support phone number that is open all the time to assist such users. Once you call on this helpline you will get quick online assistance from the experts to help you in changing the Bitcoin wallet address and also cryptocurrency related various issues including Blockchain based crypto issues.


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