Trading with cryptocurrencies on Blockchain you can enjoy various benefits. While trading into the stock market or currency market, you need cash fund to purchase from your account. But if you are trading on Blockchain, you can buy the cryptocurrency through debit card and credit card.

However, you can enjoy buying the buying crypto with a credit or debit card only available if you are a Gold verified users. If you’re not yet Gold verified, head to the Profile section of your wallet (under Settings) to verify your identity and be able to buy crypto.

And as of now card payments are being rolled out over time, so if you don’t see this function in your verified wallet now, please check again at a later date, as it will be coming to you soon. Dial Blockchain toll free number and if you can see this facility into your account you can follow the steps given below.

Steps to By Cryptocurrency or Bitcoin with Credit Card Blockchain:

Step 1: First of all browse to the Blockchain website and login into your account.

Step 2: Now located in the header of your web wallet or under the main menu in your mobile app.

Step 3: Here you can see the open and just click on Buy Crypto.

Step 4: Now choose the crypto you want to buy and input the amount you want to purchase.

Step 5: Here you can input a custom amount or choose one of the suggested default amounts.

Step 6: Now you can select “Add Payment Method” and then select “Credit or Debit card.”

Buy Bitcoin Blockchain Credit Card

Note: If you have already placed a previous order with a card, it will appear here as a payment method. And if you’re adding a new card, you will be asked to enter in your card details at this stage, including the cardholder name, card number, expiration date, CVV code, and billing address.

Step 7: At this time, you will be asked to complete 3D Secure verification for your card.

Step 8: Here you have to wait as, this will take you to a website hosted by your bank from within the wallet.

Step 9: Now review the details of your order on the checkout screen.

Note: Please note that the exchange rate is only an approximation, and your order will be placed using the current exchange rate after you press “Buy Now.”

Dial Blockchain Customer Support Number for Cryptocurrency Issues

Both these steps are applicable in debit card and credit card. So, you can follow the steps carefully and enjoy the cryptocurrency buying on credits from your credit card bank. However, meanwhile if you face any kind of technical problem, you can call at Blockchain customer support number and get online assistance to solve the issue. These certified technicians will also help you in solving the cryptocurrency and Blockchain related various problems you face while trading on


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