Binance is one of the leading cryptocurrency exchange you can use to trade in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies with option to store your fund into Binance wallet or transfer to any other user. But to sue your Binance account you should protect it with Google authenticator so that no one can use or get unauthorized access of your Binance account.

To add Binance to Google authenticator you need to follow the right step discussed below. Actually, adding Binance to Google authenticator will ask the users when login into your Binance account and you have to authenticate your identity. It will protect your Binance account from unauthorized transactions and will kept the wallet and funds stored into in the safe position.

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Steps to Add Binance to Google Authenticator:

Step 1: First of all install Google Authenticator on Your Phone.

Step 2: Now enable Google Authenticator on Binance.

Step 3: Here you can add Binance to Google authenticator.

Step 4: Now you have to finalize the Setup on Binance.

Step 5: Here you can Log into Binance with 2FA.

Blockchain 2FA Reset

These steps are enough to add or enable the Google authenticator into your Binance account. However, it would be better to enable the Google 2FA to keep your account protected and safe. But if you feel it is wasting your time in login into your Binance account you can disable it with steps and enjoy the quick and trouble-free login into your Binance. To know how to disable Google 2FA follow the steps below.

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Steps to Disable Google 2FA:

Step 1: Please log in to Binance Jersey, and go to the account center.

Step 2: Please click “Disable” in the Goolge Auth section.

Step 3: Enter login password and Google Authentication code generated by Google Authenticator app.

Step 4: Now you have to click on “Submit” to disable Google Auth.

Using these simple steps you can disable the Google authenticator. However, meanwhile if you face any problem while adding the Google authenticator you can get help of experts to deal with such issues. And to get help of such experts call for Binance customer support assistance. Once you call on this number you have to share your few details to them and they will definitely help you to solve this problem.

Call Binance Customer Support Number for Google 2FA Issues

Dealing with Google authentication problems is a sensitive issue, hence you need to call at right and reliable customer support center. And to get connect with such authorized customer care center, just call at Binance Customer Support Number and get quick and assured online assistance for such issues. These experts will also help you in solving the Binance related various other issues including Binance wallet, cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency with complete safety and privacy.


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