There are many people investing in the cryptocurrency. For some, it is the new era of investing and for some it is just another way of investing, but nobody can deny that it is most unique method of investing. Once you understand all the complexity of this you can easily make very good money. Investment in cryptocurrency gives the investors more autonomy and freedom as there is no one to control these cryptocurrencies. It has no authority or government body to regulate but it uses blockchain technology to gain transparency. No doubt its the new most smartest way of investment but many times trader faces few problems. Cryptocurrency looks like a very complex thing but this is just a myth. It’s very easy to understand. If you have any problem about cryptocurrency just contact.

Many first timers have many confusions like how you can buy cryptocurrency, how you can trade etc. in this article we are going to answer a very common question asked by the new tradors and that is how to deposit into binance. There are two methods mostly use to deposit into the binance that is crypto and fiat. In this article we are going to talk about both but after reading this article if you have any doubt then you must contact to binance customer service.

Before knowing how to deposit into binance you must know what binance is. Binance is the one of the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world. it was founded in the year 2017 . Binance is a centralized exchange which is often praised for its less trading fees and wide number of cryptocurrencies available for trade. If you have any question about binance you must contact to binance customer care.

Deposit into Binance

Depositing in Binance using Crypto

In this method you have to withdraw your crypto fund from another platform and transfer it to your binance account.

Step 1: Log in your binance account.

Step 2: Click on the ‘funds’ button.

Step 3: Then choose ‘deposits’.

Step 4: Then you have to select the coin.

Step 5: Then copy the address where you want to deposit and paste this on the platform where you will be making your withdrawal.

Step 6: You can do this by scanning your QR code.

Step 7: After this click ‘continue deposit’.

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Depositing into the binance is free but the other platform may charge some amount from you. This method is for those traders who are already having the crypto asset somewhere.

Depositing in Binance using fiat:

In January 2019 binance announced that now they enable traders to deposit fund using their personal credit cards.

These are the steps to deposit into Binance:

Step 1: Log in to your account.

Step 2: Click on ‘funds’.

Step 3: Then choose ‘buy with credit cards’.

Step 4: Then go to payment and fill all your personal information.

Step 5: Verify email and phone number.

Step 6: Then click on continue.

Step 7: Fill in your personal credit card information.

Step 8: Upload your original ID.

That’s it, you will get crypto asset into your wallet in just 10 to 30 minutes.

These two are the simple method to deposit into your binance account. Still if you have any confusion you can contact to binance customer care.


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