You can use the Binance for trading in cryptocurrency in Japan and Taiwan. This platform is providing the world-class facility with complete safety and privacy. To trade through Binance you need to add funds into your account through your account. Without depositing the fund into your account you cannot buy cryptocurrency customer care through this exchange.

To deposit funds in Binance you know it accepts deposit in any of crypto assets, but not in fiat- currency. And to transfer the fund you need to follow the right instructions given below. Actually, the whole process is important to make sure your money is safe and goes through the right mode. So, follow all the steps correctly suggested by the experts.

Steps to Deposit Funds into Binance Account:

Step 1: First of all select the funds from the menu bar, from drop down menu click on “deposit”.

Step 2: Now select the “Deposit coin” from the drop down menu.

Step 3: Now scroll the list of the coin and types coin symbol in the text box.

Note: Don’t write the name of the coin click on the coin from menu and select which you want.

Step 4: Now click on the coin name and you get directed to “deposit page”

Step 5: Here Binance automatically generates wallet address.

Note: This address can be used to deposit, send coins to this address from your wallet, or another exchange.

Deposit Funds in Binance Account

Step 6: It is advised, not to send individual outlet or any mining revenues directly to your account.

Note: Exchange wallet is not designed to handle micro payments.

Step 7: Now, you need to wait for the confirmation of block chain for your transaction.

Step 8: Now verify from “Tips section” how much confirmation is required to complete the transaction of each deposit page.

All these steps are enough to allow you deposit funds into your account. Now you can use this fund for trading in cryptocurrency. The entire fund can be utilized to trade in cryptocurrency and you face any kind of technical problem you can get online assistance to fix such issues remotely. Binance customer support number is open right here to call anytime and get online assistance by experts to fix the technical issues affecting the trading through Binance.

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