Changing the password on Blockchain sometimes makes difficult because due to technical glitches some error comes an if there is major issue, will be blocked not allowing to access your Blockchain wallet account stopping you to not utilize the funds. Registered mobile number is very important to buy cryptocurrency through your account.

A registered mobile number is given at the time creating an account on Blockchain with complete verification process to authenticate your account. And mobile registration is also important to get the latest update and unusual access to your wallet account. So, you can find here how to change the registered phone number from Blockchain wallet.

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Steps To Change the Registered the Mobile No:

Step 1: Login into your Blockchain account.

Step 2: Now navigate to Blockchain wallet account.

Step 3: Now go to settings and click on update details.

Step 4: Here you can find the mobile number section.

Step 5: Enter and update the New Mobile number here.

Step 6: Now verify the new mobile registered here.

Step 7: To verify your Mobile number you will get an OTP.

Step 8: Enter the passcode or OTP here and verify your mobile no.

Step 9: Now your mobile number is registered with Blockchain.

Change Registered Phone Number On Blockchain Wallet

How to Change your Personal Details with Blockchain?

With these simple few steps you can change your mobile number on Blockchain wallet account. And there is another option to change the mobile number. That you can do at the time of authenticating your payment which will be possible while you are making a payment. Here last four digits of your mobile number will be visible with an option “Incorrect” where you can click to change the mobile number. Just enter the new mobile number here and update the same.

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How to Fix Error While Changing the Phone Number on Blockchain?

However, if it doesn’t work, you might be asked to reset your registration and here you have to enter all your personal information again and will need to have access to your credit/debit card payment information to complete the process. And make sure enter here your correct information, as they are thoroughly examined and entering wrong, inconsistent or incomplete information may result in your card being rejected.

If you failed to change your mobile number or there is any kind of technical error you need an online assistance. However, if you also failed to register your detail again and facing a problem while making any kind of problem while making the payment you can get instant online support by calling at Blockchain customer support number with quick response of online technician to help you remotely and solve your technical problem with safety.


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